Our love of creativity is the stuff stories are made of.

Welcome to The Print Refinery.

As kids, we found inspiration in the arts and learned to appreciate the vibrancy we encountered in our everyday lives. And as adults, we continue to find joy not only in experimenting with our own imaginative ideas but in helping others do the same.

Growing up, we wanted to learn and grow, be challenged and inspired, have our questions answered and teach others the tricks we picked up along the way. One of the things we’ve discovered is that everyone has a creative talent – even if they don’t know it yet – and we’ve got a knack for bringing that artistic edge to life. It was with this in mind that we opened the doors of The Print Refinery – a modern and interactive hub buzzing with ingenuity.

The Print Refinery thrives on face-to-face interaction to drive conversation, collaboration and education. This is the place where you meet up with friends, spend the afternoon, linger over a new project or idea, get professional help if you need it, experiment with hi-tech solutions, share stories with other passionate locals, explore innovative ways to memorialize your imagery and focus on the finer details in life.  Welcome to our community.